Designed to catch the attention of your customers, the SelfServ 23 has a modern and contemporary look and feel including the latest ADA multi-touch capability. It’s an ATM experience your customers will want to keep coming back for again and again. The SelfServ 23 performs brilliantly in locations where cash is in constant demand and will handle the highest transaction volumes due to our new S2 Media Dispense Module.

Proactively fixes itself
Keep your ATMs up and running, offering your customers the transactions they want, when and where they need them. NCR’s express recovery and self-healing technologies reduce downtime from hours to minutes—making your ATMs available around the clock.

Keeps you informed
Successful network management is about having the right information at your fingertips. The SelfServ 23 provides instant data on configurations, software versions and the activity levels of each module. So you can see, understand and control your entire network—allowing you to make better business decisions.

Inspire trust in your ATM network
The SelfServ 23 is designed to defend against known and unknown fraud attacks, even before they start. Ask us about our multi-layered approach to ATM security including logical and physical solutions. For example, Solidcore Suite for APTRA™ protects against the execution of unauthorized code on your ATM network and our Skimming Protection Solution protects cardholder data from card skimming attacks.

For more technical specifications, please click HERE for a PDF brochure on the SelfServ 23